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I'm a dork. // Horniest Unicorn. // I like art. I like music. I like LGBT. I like humor. I like sex. I like Game Grumps. I like "Bread, Eggs, Milk, and Squick." I like MLP: FiM. I like androgyny. I like being mistaken for a guy. I like animals. I like french bulldogs. // My art tag: "kira draws"

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Is there something about me?

Did he really not act like a jerk around me like he did to others? Does he really loosen up when around me? Did you really lower your guard and relax around me?

I’ve been told that I’m calm and laid-back. However, I wasn’t aware of how these people seemed to have different interactions with me than they normally do with everyone else. Now I’m just really curious.

a little flustering really; do people tend to have fun with me? like no one can really be able to get mad at me??